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Dr. Adam Seredynski has successfully completed his Dr. rer. pol. on the topic “On the Connectivity, Cooperation and Competition in Connected Flight Networks” with his defense on 30.11.3018. We congratulate him for the great work and wish him continued success in his professional carrier.

Mr Seredynski studied in JGU in years 2006-2008 in cooperation with SGH Warsaw and completed his double degree with a diploma thesis on “The forecasting of the transfer passenger flows in the hubs of the German Lufthansa AG: FRA and MUC”. He started working as external PhD student in 2009 after joining airconomy GmbH&Co KG which he continued after the acquisition of airconomy by Amadeus. He submitted his thesis in 2017.

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Recent Publications

english Sobania, Dominik; Rothlauf, Franz : Teaching GP to Program Like a Human Software Developer: Using Perplexity Pressure for Guiding Program Synthesis Approaches, In: accepted as full paper for GECCO 2019, Prague, July 13th-17th 2019. 2019. Details 
english Sotto, Leo; Rothlauf, Franz : On the Role of Non-effective Code in Linear Genetic Programming, In: accepted as full paper for GECCO 2019, Prague, July 13th-17th 2019. 2019. Details 
english Ernst, Claus-Peter; Huschens, Martin: The Effects of Different Emoticons on the Perception of Emails in the Workplace, In: HICSS 2019 Proceedings, Waikoloa, Jan 8, 2019 - Jan 11, 2019. 2019. Details 

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