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Jörn Grahl has moved from Mainz to the University of Cologne where he is now professor of Information Systems, Digital Transformation, and Analytics at the Faculty of Management, Economics and Social Sciences as of June 1st, 2015. He joins the research initiative "Value Creation in a Changing Customer and Media Environment".

From April 2008 until May 2015, Jörn was assistant professor here in Mainz. His main research areas were social commerce, causal inference in big datasets, machine learning, and social and information networks.

It was a pleasure for us to work with Jörn during the time he was in Mainz. We wish him all the best in his new role.

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Recent Publications

english Herrmann, Sebastian; Ochoa, G. ; Rothlauf, Franz : Communities of Local Optima as Funnels in Fitness Landscapes, In: accepted for GECCO 2016, Denver, Colorado, July 20-24, 2016. ACM, 2016. Details 
english Probst, Malte; Rothlauf, Franz ; Grahl, Jörn: Scalability of using Restricted Boltzmann Machines for Combinatorial Optimization, In: forthcoming in EJOR, 2016. Details 
english Herrmann, Sebastian; Ochoa, G. ; Rothlauf, Franz : Coarse-Grained Barrier Trees of Fitness Landscapes, In: angenommen als full paper für PPSN 2016, Edinburgh, 17.-21.9.2016. 2016. Details 

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