Dr. Jörn Grahl

Joern Grahl Assistant Professor of Information Systmes
Dr. Jörn Grahl
Tel.: +49 6131 39-27209
Fax.: +49 6131 39-22185
E-Mail: grahl( at )uni-mainz.de
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Hello, and welcome to my homepage.

About me

I am an assistant professor of Information Systems at the Johannes Gutenberg-University of Mainz. I obtained my PhD from the University of Mannheim.

My main research interest is analytics with a  focus on social commerce, causal inference in big datasets (digital experimentation), machine learning, and social and information networks. I am also designing and analyzing computational intelligence for solving complex optimization problems in logistics and supply chain management. I teach an introductory course on social and information networks, an introduction to artificial intelligence, a doctoral course on metaheuristics and optimization and other introductory and advanced courses in Information Systems, e.g. introductions to electronic business or to the management of Information Technology.

I maintain a blog about IS, Big Data and Social Networks where I collect cool stuff that may be of interest to my students.

  • 01.06.2015: Please note: I have joined the University of Cologne as Professor of Digital Transformation and Analytics. Please contact me there.
  • 21.10.2014: Press coverage: Online Empfehlungen wirkt Abends (F.A.Z., print)
  • 01.09.2014: Tired of using the Hollywood movie actor network in class? Try the boardgame network instead!
  • 12.02.2014: Our research about massive parrallelization of EDAs for GPUs  has been accepted as a full paper at GECCO 2014
  • 13.01.2014: Press coverage: "Bayer 04: Facebook-Boom wirft Fragen auf.", (RP Online)
  • 09.11.2013: Invited talk at the Frankfurt School of Finance and Management
  • 06.11.2013, Press coverage: "Die Suche nach der Zauberformel ist ein Irrweg", (Acquisa, Print)
  • 17.10.2013, Press coverage: "I Like: Die wertvollste Währung im Netz", (Kurier, Print)

  • 11.09.2013, Press coverage: "Likes haben verkaufsfördernde Wirkung", (Heise Newsticker)

  • 09.07.2013, Press coverage: "Like me & I'll follow you off that cliff", (All Analytics)

  • 13.06.2013, Press coverage: "Daumen hoch - Forscher aus Mainz und Darmstadt untersuchen Nutzen von Social-Media-Empfehlungen", (Frankfurter Rundschau, Print)

    05.06.2013, Press coverage: "I “like” di Facebook valgono milioni di euro per il commercio online", (La Stampa)

I am currently on the job-market. A very public list of publications and academic activities is available here. It is certainly a good idea to contact me if you want to know more!

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