english Grosche, Tobias; Rothlauf, Franz : Simultaneous Airline Scheduling, In: Fink, Andreas; Rothlauf, Franz (eds.): Advances in Computational Intelligence in Transport, Logistics, and Supply Chain Management. Springer, Heidelberg, 2009. pp. 81-110


Currently, there are no solution approaches available to construct and optimize airline schedules within a single model. All existing approaches decompose the problem into smaller and less complex subproblems and solve those subproblems separately. This chapter presents a metaheuristic for simultaneous airline scheduling where all subproblems are integrated into one single optimization model, except for crew scheduling. The problem-specific metaheuristic uses an adaptive procedure for operator selection to allow an efficient choice between a variety of different operators. Experiments are conducted as proof-of-concept and to calibrate free parameters. Comparing different search strategies and studying operator probabilities show that efficiently solving the airline scheduling problem requires the application of both, local and recombination-based search operators.




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