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Dr. Sebastian Herrmann has accepted a call to the RheinMain University of Applied Sciences. He will be a Professor of Information Systems in the faculty "Wiesbaden Business School" as of September 2017. Sebastian has been a research assistant in our department since 2012. His research focuses on network analysis and metaheuristics in combinatorial optimization.  Since 2016, Sebastian has also been the head of data scientists at one of our industry partner Avinomics GmbH in Frankfurt/Main.

We are very proud and will be happy to continue our collaboration in both research and teaching.

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Recent Publications

english Seredynski, Adam; Steitz, Wolfgang; Rothlauf, Franz : Code-share connectivity within global airline alliances - How much potential is utilized?, In: forthcoming in Journal of Air Transport Management, 2017. Details 
english Bremser, Christian; Piller, Gunther; Rothlauf, Franz : Strategies and Influencing Factors for Big Data Exploration, In: Americas Conference on Information Systems, Boston, USA, August 10-12, 2017. 2017. Details 
english Herrmann, Sebastian; Ochoa, Gabriela; Rothlauf, Franz : PageRank Centrality for Performance Prediction: The Impact of the Local Optima Network Model, In: Journal of Heuristics, 2017. Details 

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