Diploma Theses

1. General procedure

  • First of all, you go to the Prüfungsamt (registrar's office ) to file an application for the admission for a diploma thesis.
  • When you are admitted, you receive three forms by the Prüfungsamt.
  • With these three forms, you go to the department you would like to write your diploma thesis at.
  • The topic of the diploma thesis is agreed upon and the forms are filled in at the department. The student keeps one form, the department gets the second one and the third goes to the Prüfungsamt.
  • The duration of the regular diploma theses depend on the university course of study. In the case of so-called long-term diploma theses, the departments can arrange a duration of up to six months, depending on the topic.
  • At the end of the duration, the diploma thesis is submitted in duplicate to the Prüfungsamt.
  • The diploma thesis will then be corrected and marked first by a first reviewer; that is the department which has conferred the work. Afterwards, the diploma thesis will be directed to a second reviewer; this department is chosen by the Prüfungsamt.

2. Types of diploma theses

There are three types of diploma theses:

  1. Topics advertised by the department
    • The department steadily offers a selection/variety of topics for diploma theses. See point 3. The department’s advertisements.
  2. Individually arranged topics
    • In the optional subject information systems, you also have the possibility to agree upon individual topics if a member of the department agrees to supervise you.
    • The extent of the supervision is at the sole discretion of the supervisor.
    • The duration can amount to a maximum of six months.
    • For individually arranged diploma theses, you need a special aptitude.
    • If you have own ideas for a topic, you should outline your ideas on one to two pages with a suggestion of a title and a rough plan and hand this outline to a member of the department as basis for discussion.
  3. Diploma theses with practical experience
    • Some topics are offered in cooperation with business enterprises. Since the demands vary according to the offer, further inquiries should be directed to the department.

3. The department’s advertisements

The following diploma theses are currently advertised at the department:

4. Advertisements with practical experience

The following diploma theses are currently advertised in cooperation with business enterprises:


5. Guidelines for the composition of scientific works

A proper and appealing form is an essential part of a scientific work. In the following, you will find the department’s guidelines as well as models which show how to format/compose a diploma thesis.

·    Guidelines for term papers and diploma theses

·    References ("canon of information systems")

·    General bibliography of information systems

·    Remark: Introduction in literature research

·    Word model

·    Latex model

Remark: The library of the university offers several courses teaching how to search literature online.