Franz Rothlauf reelected as member of the ACM SIGEVO Executive Committee

Franz Rothlauf was reelected as one of six new members of the executive
committee of ACM SIGEVO.
Franz will be in office for six years. The goals he wants to address as
SIGEVO officer are:
1) to increase the visibility of SIGEVO (as well as the corresponding
conferences and journals) to other scientific communities. Especially
important are computer science, operations research, engineering, and
evolutionary biology. Suitable instruments are for example cooperations
with other ACM SIGs.
2) to intensify the cooperation and coordination with other professional
evolutionary computation societies. It is important to bridge gaps
between different groups and opinions and strengthen the overall community.
3) to continue the "internationalization" of SIGEVO. Running GECCO not
only in the US but around the world (e.g. London, 2007, Montreal, 2009,
and Dublin, 2011) increases its visibility and international reputation.
4) to develop new concepts for conferences with low carbon dioxide
emissions. International conferences like GECCO are a great opportunity
for exchanging ideas and personal communication but result in high
flight emissions. For the long term future, we must find ways how to
reduce them.

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